Wedding photography

no added sugar

Today, we talk a lot about authenticity. But how often do words turn into reality?

Is there still genuine wedding photography in wedding photography? Photographers go to great lengths to create a wedding fairytale in which couples embody fictional stereotypes.

When you look at your celebration photos after many years, what would you like to see – an invented story, or memories of the real atmosphere and that unique feeling? Censored moments and overly posed postures where you won’t look like who you truly are?

Or perhaps you’re bold enough to embark on a journey of self-discovery together?

To feel the pulse

To photograph a wedding means to feel the people you are photographing, feel the atmosphere, and be part of it yourself.

Photography has many rules, but the content of the photos always comes to life beyond their rational boundaries.

Photography for those who don't like to pose

Don’t like posing? Neither do I…

We didn’t have a wedding photographer at our wedding precisely for this reason. But there are two solutions. You can simply not worry about it and enjoy the captured moments.

The second is, instead of posing, have an interesting photographic experience – be the heroes of a visual story, where your presence in front of the lens won’t resemble traditional posing at all.

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